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contratos de hotel con ttoo y proveedores

Los hoteleros son los que tienen que impulsar la modificacion en la contratacion … con ttoo,, siguendo posiblemente , los pasos :  de cupos solo fijos a (fijos y variables..) , precios variables y dinamicos no solo a la baja sino tambien al alza, y con clausulas como explica seguidamente aqui abajo y en ingles ..Isabelle Gorgue

hoteliers must include in all their FIT/TO contracting a clause that protects their selling price, and reinforces the compulsory bundling of their net rates with another product. In addition, they have to be ready to go through a lot of trouble in order to make sure these clauses are respected. Only by doing so will hoteliers regain control of their selling price and distribution strategy. If we don’t, then our cost of distribution will keep on going up while losing valuable contact with the final .

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